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A Letter from the Rector 

Fear not! God will provide.

As we read through Scripture it’s hard to ignore the repeated mantra from God to his people to trust him. The Hebrew people learned that lesson over and over again as they wandered in the desert. They were hungry and God fed them. They were thirsty and God gave them drink. They were rudderless and God gave them the law. 

We pray each Sunday in the Lord’s prayer, “Give us today our daily bread,” illustrating our total dependence on God to provide. Jesus sent out his disciples two by two commanding them to take nothing but a staff for their journey – no bread, no bag, no money in their belts and no extra clothing. Yes, while the disciples went out to do God’s work they were to rely totally on God and the results were amazing. This kind of total dependence on God is not reserved for those characters in scripture, it is God’s will for us too. 


Here at St. Mary's we are the Church in the world. We offer weekly praise and worship opportunities; we build disciples through Christian formation, teaching, leading and encouraging people of all ages; we are faithful stewards of all that God provides through our vestry, finance and building and grounds committees; we live according to the Beatitudes through our many outreach ministries as we care for the vulnerable in our church, community and world.   

We honor the saints who have come before us as we make plans to secure the future of Saint Mary’s. As we take this journey together, let us remember the words of the angels. Fear not! God will provide.

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