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Time - Talent & Treasure

There is something deeper about the life of faith that we never fully experience until we learn to give of ourselves as fully, freely, and deeply as God gives to us. You are invited to discover a new joy in giving. It's true, not everyone has the same resources, but every person can meaningfully invest themselves in what God is doing at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. There is no formula for what you should give, but there are resources to invite God into your finances which all begin with prayer.      Click Here for video of Peter Busch and Marylu Hill

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We all have enough time for the things that are important to us and where we spend our time, just like our financial budget, illustrates our priorities.  As you pray about your time and your schedule, do your current priorities reflect where you want them to be? 


God the Holy Spirit gives each of us certain gifts that we excel at and our spirit thrives when we use these gifts. In the church when these talents are used as God intended, we are contributing to the Kingdom of God. Through our talents God invites us into Kingdom work rather than secular work.  As you pray about your God given talents, are these talents being used for the world or for the building up of the Kingdom of God? 

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We are the caretakers of so much and it's easy to begin to think that we deserve our wealth or that we have earned it somehow.  The realty is that we owe everything to God.  God has entrusted us with an overflowing abundance.  As you pray about your finances, are you satisfied with the priorities you have chosen in your life?

Ways to Give

As you might expect, we suggest you begin with prayer.  You might want to speak with Mother. Lucy Ann or Father Joseph about where your prayers are leading you.  After this work of discernment, ask yourself where is God calling you to serve?  What are my talents that God has given me so that I can join in Kingdom work?  And, what are the financial resources that God has entrusted me with that I need to give back for the Glory of God?

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