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A Letter from the Rector 
Mother Lucy Ann Dure

Dear Friends of St. Mary’s,

  In my time at St. Mary’s, I have heard many stories about former members, family and friends who have moved away or moved on. There are those whom we don’t get to see very often, and there are those who have gone on to the greater life. Yet they have left so much with us that remains. At Easter, we are especially grateful for all those whose lives are bound up with ours in ways that are invisible to the naked eye. I am conscious of being held up and encouraged by a “great cloud of witnesses” whose memory cheers us on like a throng of angels. Their legacy of caring deeply about the things that really matter is still with us.

   Easter is a time to stand at the threshold—at the gate between this life and the next—as the first disciples did at the empty tomb, and wonder with amazement and gratitude at its meaning. Where has Jesus gone? He is Risen! Death could not hold him! God’s love is more powerful than sin and death! And we can receive power to live with that same love, and be unafraid I think it doesn’t change extremely immature edges brewing is wonderful. You can actually say I want you to know what you say to me is, but I might actually say it’s also important that people feel they can talk to you, but not with you that’s it and so what do you wanna be able to say is I’m really grateful. When we believe God has raised Jesus from the dead, we follow Him across that threshold into life as beloved children of the One who creates new life out of the dust, heals the broken heart, and enables us to live for Him.


   To walk across that threshold with trust is to always find where He is. We discover Him alive with us and with all who join in hope and faith across the generations since that first Easter who still proclaim on Easter morning:


      Jesus lives! Thy terrors now: Can, O Death, no more appall us!

   As we prepare for Holy Week and Easter, on behalf of our wardens and vestry and all our congregation at St. Mary’s, I invite you to be with us in whatever way you can this Easter: joining us in worship, in prayer and thanksgiving, by your financial contributions. Your caring and support mean more than you can know.

May God bless you and all who are dear to you this joyful Eastertide, and always.


In His Love and Peace,

The Rev. Lucy Ann Dure
Interim Rector

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