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Time Talent and Treasure
Every Gift Makes a Difference


At St. Mary’s, when we say that we love God and love our neighbor; friend, and stranger alike, we mean it.  Whether we are navigating the changing landscape of a pandemic, worshiping in person or live stream, enjoying our choir, conversing over coffee or going out into our community to serve the “least of these,” it is obvious that there is so much for which we can be thankful.  As Christians we show our thankfulness when using our Time, Talent, and Treasure for the glory of God.

Rena Counsellor and David Phillips

Have you ever considered what your legacy in this life may be?  In this video listen to the stories of David and Rena and their journey of searching for another St. Mary’s when their careers took them out west.  Thankfully they finally found their way back home to Wayne and their search was over.  Not finding a place like St. Mary’s helped them realize just how special this place is.  It made them aware of how thankful they were of those who came before them at St. Mary’s, and those who had the foresight to provide for its future.  Taking a nod from the past, David and Rena have decided that part of their legacy will be to be to include St. Mary’s in their estate planning.  And yet, as you listen to their passion in their stories, their legacy is not about numbers or pride, but rather it’s about love. It’s about finding a place where they can be their selves and it’s about making sure that others have the opportunity to do the same in the future. 

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Peter Busch and Marylu Hill

Ring out your joy!  Bells are important. They grab your attention and point you towards something beyond yourself.  As you view Peter Busch's and Marylu Hill’s video, enjoy the stories of how bells continue to shape and guide their family life at St. Mary’s.  Yes, bells caught their attention, but it was the love of the people of St. Mary’s that keep them coming back.   Enjoy these stories of love, people and bells from their family to yours.

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