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 God is calling the people of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Wayne, Pennsylvania to follow Jesus’ teaching to love God with all our hearts, souls and all our minds; and to love our neighbor as ourselves.Therefore we love and embrace each other, friend and stranger alike in worship, service and prayer as we seek to live in and share God’s Word.


Our vision is the world as God intended. We, being the church, do our part of reconciling the world back to God as we love and embrace each other, friend and stranger alike.  All are welcome.  No exceptions.

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Our Story

St. Mary's has been on the corner of Lancaster and Louella Avenue for over a hundred years.  St. Mary’s and the village of Wayne grew up together.  If you like, you can find a historical account of that growth HERE, but please know, our focus is not on our past, but rather it is on the church of the 21st century.  As an Episcopal Church, we love our liturgy.  We will pray and sing and learn together through liturgy that honors God and feeds our soul.   When you come visit, we will welcome you with open arms.  As we grow in our relationship, we will hold your hand and cry with you if you are sick or distressed, and we will rejoice with you as you celebrate life's milestones. We will challenge you to learn more about God and how God will reconcile the world back unto himself. And we will prepare you to go out into the world and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.  

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